The Terrapin Nesting Project

Sponsored by the Sierra Club and partnered with the Turtle Conservancy

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Text Kathy at: 215-495-2431


How Can You Help Us?

        The Terrapin Nesting Project is a certified 501(c)(3) organization that is completely run by volunteers, therefore we need as much help as we can get!


        If you are interested in volunteering your time with us there are many opportunities that you can pursue. We always need help during pre-season to prepare our nesting sites, during season to help our nesting females, and post-season to clean up and winterize our nesting sites. For more specifics on these jobs please click the button below:

        If you are unable to volunteer your time with us then we do accept online donations through PayPal. To do this you can click the "Donate" button located on the top right of your screen. These donations will go directly towards the supplies that we use to help support our Diamondback Terrapins.

        If you would like to get a hands-on and educational experience with our hatchlings, then you might want to consider our Adopt-A-Nest Program. For a donation of $50.00 the Adopt-a-Nest program allows you to adopt one of our terrapin nests and then release the babies into the bay when they hatch. This program is a great way for you and your family to receive a hands on experience and an in-depth understanding of the terrapins of Long Beach Island. For more information please click the button below: